Double Roller Blind

Çiftli Sistem Stor Perde

Double Roller Blind

The double curtain system is an innovative system that offers two different curtains on a single case. You can see the technical parts in the way. There are two pipes on a single rail. Two different curtain windings are made to these pipes. With this system, which has separate mechanisms, you always have control! offers you service with special measure option.

Double Roller Curtain Cleaning

The double system roller blinds are generally not washed in the washing machine, the dust formed with the electricity broom before cleaning, then wiping with a damp cloth, a different type of cleaning is not recommended. offers you service with special measure option.

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Çiftli Sistem Stor Perde Modelleri

Double Roller Curtain Models

One of the innovations of the curtains of the mechanism, the roller blinds were always very popular, 2 roller curtains in single mechanism, these models renew themselves by renewing linen floor, patterned tulle, printed patterns, skirt, skirt beaded beads and jacquard woven models and varieties increased day by day. Of course, as the options and models increase, it becomes easier to apply to the environment. offers you service with special measure option.