What is Eperde?

Eperde is a market place that brings together curtain manufacturers and stores. Curtain manufacturers who want to sell in Eperde contact us, we allow them to sell on Eperde after doing the necessary legal and technical checks. Therefore, Eperde is not a curtain manufacturer, Eperde is a bridge between you and curtain manufacturers. :)

Are You Just a Bridge?

No, we're not just a bridge. :) Eperde serves with a staff specialist in curtain and merchandising. Our difference from any different market place, you can use the shaving knife, Rize tourist tea and toaster, which you can use ten million times from those market places. Of course, they need them, but since we are just a curtain market place, you will not find a toaster or Rize tourist tea. But "What kind of curtain should I buy in my living room?" You can learn the answer to the question from Eperde's expert team. :)

Our Prices Are Cheaper Than Physical Stores, Because!

Because the costs in physical stores are high and the market area is much less than the internet. The curtain in your neighborhood only appeals to your neighborhood. Eperde all Turkey and the world .. Eperde only sales over the internet and sells all over Turkey and wins from the version. This allows us to deliver the curtains at much more affordable prices. :)

Is Eperde Reliable?

Eperde is 100% safe. Our site is protected by 256 bit SSL certificate and you only shop with 3D security on your bank and credit cards. Your credit card numbers are not stored and we work with the BRSA approved credit card organization Iyzıco and Iyzıco and PayPal for the provisions to be obtained from your cards. If you wish, you can reach the credit card payment institution list at the official site of the Banking Regulation and Supervision Authority below. The Iyzıco and Iyzıco and PayPal credit card organization was approved by the BRSA and is audited by our state.